We, at the Lempster Community School, are committed to a student-centered learning environment. This environment will foster a sense of challenge, a love for learning, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to better oneself both academically and personally.

Our mission is to set and maintain standards of excellence which will enable our youth to read, write, think, compute, comprehend, and reason at a high level.

Our purpose is to promote an atmosphere of awareness which will expose students to mathematics, the sciences, the humanities and the arts in a manner which whets the appetite and causes a quest for further understanding. Furthermore, we will educate our children about the great history and traditions of our country both through classroom instruction and special events.

Our goal is for youth to develop within themselves a sense of community, responsibility, and respect for others and to persevere to achieve worthwhile goals. The motto of the Lempster Community School is:

“Safety, Respect, Responsibility and Learning”.